Gastronomic Italy

A Little Bit of Italy in Broke, dinner at Nightingale Wines

Italy in Broke



Gastronomia Delle Regioni Italiane

Italy is renown for its gastronomic offerings. Amazing pizza, pasta, espresso, gelato, wines & a lifestyle that respects the sanctity of enjoying food & good company.

At Nightingale wines you’ll have opportunity to sample this lifestyle at Italy in Broke. Take it easy & relax under the verandah with a Regional Breakfast, bring a blanket & relax with an Italian BBQ on the lawns, immerse yourself in Regional Italian Flavours over lunch or book an in depth Italian experience for dinner.

Throughout the day there’ll be local Market stalls, cheese making demonstrations with Hunter Belle, artworks in Nansche Gallery and Italian Musicians Viva Band to take you to Italy.

Lance, Don & Team are looking forward to sharing their “Little Bit of Italy” with you.